As we introduced the youngest Python programmer- Kautilya Katariya, we cannot miss another young tech guru – Tanmay Bakshi.  

You might have seen his TED Talk or watched one of his informational DevOps videos, but do you know that Tanmay Bakshi also used IBM’s resources  to learn more about tech.

Tanmay Bakshi is a 15 year-old canadian software developer, author, AI/ML architect , TED and keynote speaker, and a media personality who has addressed over 200,000 executives, leaders, intellectuals, and developers at international conferences. Before 2 years Tanmay was only 13 years old when he became Google’s youngest employee.

What is more, Tanmay is an IBM’s Student on Call developer advocate as well!    During his high school years, Tanmay spends 20 hours a week working at IBM. He is a co-instructor in one of the courses within the IBM AI Professional Certificate program. This boy started his journey as a developer by coding at the age of 5. He has created a few apps and published one book called Hello Swift!: iOS app programming for kids and other beginners. His love of computer science has led him to become an AI expert.

You can also check Tanmay’s Youtube channel full of tutorials and tech life skills

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