Solidigm has announced the release of Solidigm Synergy 2.0 software. The Solidigm Synergy software package improves overall system performance and provides a better user experience than hardware alone can provide.

This free download includes two elements, both optional, but highly recommended: the Solidigm Synergy™ Driver, which automatically improves the performance of Solidigm SSDs, and the Solidigm Synergy™ Toolkit, which offers useful SSD health reporting and tools for SSDs from any manufacturer.

The latest Solidigm Synergy software improves PC performance for all SSD users. It boosts performance where it matters most for Solidigm SSDs, and offers a host of useful management features for all SSDs, regardless of manufacturer. Additionally, the company plans to introduce more innovations to provide further enhancements to end users.

The Solidigm Synergy Driver offers a variety of user experience optimizations. Fast Lane, a feature that learns what files are accessed most frequently and prioritizes them for faster access, maintains performance as your drive fills up. When paired with the Solidigm™ P41 Plus SSD, users can expect up to 120% faster random read speeds even when the drive is at 50% capacity.

A reimagined and dynamic graphical user interface (GUI) for the Solidigm Synergy Toolkit makes it easy to monitor an SSD’s activity, run reports, view the operating temperature, check drive health, and much more. It also offers useful features such as Diagnostics for drive integrity testing, Secure Erase to erase your data with confidence, and SMART reporting for detailed drive usage characteristics, available whether users have a Solidigm SSD or not.

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