Amazon employees in the US have received a warning email from the company claiming they are not spending enough time in the office after their presence was tracked, the BBC reports.

Amazon isn’t the first tech giant to seek to bring employees back into the office and depart from the homeworking trend that buzzed past the pandemic a few years ago.

Disney has already done this, and this recent Zoom order also ended the home office era.

Amazon’s decision to have employees in the office at least three days a week went into effect back in May, but it still seems to be a tough one to achieve.

According to the BBC, the email sent by the company makes it clear that this refers to employees who have come into the office less than three days a week for five or more of the last eight weeks or for three or more of the last four weeks.

It appears to have exacerbated existing tensions within the company, as some staff have said they received the email in error.

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