Since February 2005 step by step YouTube has become one of the most used sources of video content. Unfortunately we live in a society where harassment is a problem which needs to be solved somehow.

That’s why the social platform decided to hide the count of dislikes from the audience. We need to know that the dislike button will not be removed entirely. The count of the dislikes however will be visible only for the creators, which is YouTube’s way to deal with the social attacks and judgement.

Matt Koval, a YouTube creator liaison, said that after a research, YouTube came to the conclusion that the number of dislikes doesn’t have an influence on the total audience.

In a video, Koval explained that when all the views were visible at first, most of the users  came up with some kind of a game whose aim is to pump up the number of dislikes. In most cases the reason for all of that is very simple – a user doesn’t like the video creator and its content which may lead to a serious type of depression for them. That’s why this update was made in order to defend all of the video creators.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International