Apple has officially unveiled the new version of its mobile operating system – iOS 17, Tech News Space reports. The software platform provides interesting new features, including a personal diary app, a standby charging mode that turns the iPhone into a kind of smart speaker, custom covers for the contacts in the address book, and more.

With the release of iOS 17, users on compatible devices can set a header photo for their contact that others will see when they call. This feature uses the same design language as the redesigned lock screens introduced in iOS 16, and supports the ability to add different captions and Memoji.

In FaceTime, you can now leave a video message to someone you can’t reach. The new features continue. AirDrop now features NameDrop, which allows the transfer of a pre-selected phone number or email address while holding one iPhone near another. This feature works when transferring information between iPhone and Apple Watch and can also be used to share photos.

The text input algorithm now uses a new language model to improve the quality of sentences. Users can more easily revert to the original word in case the algorithm has incorrectly substituted a misspelled word.

In iOS 17, the Journal app has been introduced, which is a personal diary. In the Journal, you can enter not only text messages, but also photos, music and more. It supports the ability to create reminders so you don’t forget the next entry.

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