Cloudflare announced the general availability (GA) release of three new products aimed at making it easier for teams to develop complete projects.

The first release is the serverless SQL D1 database. With this release, the GA platform also gets a number of features requested from the beta release, such as support for 10 GB databases, new data export functionality, and improved query debugging.

Other features that will be available in future versions of the platform include larger databases, more time travel capabilities for database branching, and new APIs for querying and creating databases.

Hyperdrive is the next version that Cloudflare has released. It allows users to transform regional databases into globally distributed databases.

Over the next few months, Cloudflare plans to add new features to Hyperdrive, including MySQL support, the ability to connect to databases on private networks, and more options to configure strategies and more.

The last of the company’s three new products is Workers Analytics Engine, which allows developers to add analytics capabilities to their products.

In addition to releasing the new products as GA, the company also announced two new features for its Queues product, which is in open beta. Users can now download messages and delay messages, which can be useful in situations where the underlying infrastructure has speed limits.

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