Snapchat is a popular social media mostly among young people who obviously enjoy spending their time on the platform. Like all social media, Snapchat is also trying to do its best in order to give an amazing experience to its users. That’s why the company added a new element to its ‘Scan’ feature which will allow users to find recipe recommendations only by scanning the ingredients that they have available at any given time. For culinary lovers this will be the best change social media have ever had.

How does it work?

The new change is providing recipe matches for food items by simply lining up the item on the Snap camera, then you have to hold down your finger on the screen and that will activate the process. As a result, you will be given some recipe matches in response.

Snapchat Food Scan

As we said, if you are a culinary lover, you will definitely appreciate the new change on Snapchat. Besides, you will also be given information about the considerations of the packaged foods which will allow you to make more healthy choices, and all this is because of the ‘Nutrition Scan’. Moreover, you will get recipe ideas that will broaden your horizons and will make you avoid eating the same meals on a rotational basis.

The platform is constantly expanding its Scan functionality – you can get some information about breeds, plants, music, etc. and all of that is based on an image all through the Snap camera. Additionally, the new feature will bring you some food facts from Wikipedia, which was created in order to learn more about the culinary world and what you’re eating.

What about the product Scan?

In a report, Snapchat revealed that there are over 170 million people who are now using the Scan tool every month. The platform’s total current user base is 500 million MAU. In other words, that is around 34% of Snap’s users who regularly look to Scan items through the application’s camera.

The evolution of the Scan feature goes together with Augmented Reality. It is overlaying digital content in users’ real world. Snapchat notes that its Scan elements may be integrated into a fully AR-enabled Spectacles experience.

However, the Scan feature is another part of all of this and it is expanding Snap’s mission in AR more widely.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International