A new Google redesign is currently underway for music-related search queries on desktop. There is a navigation drawer on the left that shows the name and description of the specific query. If someone wants to search for whole albums, it appears with the cover art. Below this, there are some subcategories that can be reached, such as listen, videos, songs, overview, and share button.

The Google Search redesign for music has been in testing for a while but is now rolling out widely. The right side of the Web results on Google provides a ‘Listen’ card, with options to listen to the song or album on either Spotify, YouTube Music, or other music-streaming platforms. The ‘About’ card below holds information about the song or album taken from Wikipedia.

Some songs might feature other options such as ‘Other recordings’ and ‘Analysis’. With this new, clean and accessible format Google’s intention seems to be to provide its customers with additional options at their fingertips. This redesign is applied only to music-related search results on Google Search at the moment and searching for other information shows search results in the old design.

A redesign for Search for mobile was also announced, that will allow people to focus on the information and to make text easier to read. This redesign will bring edge-to-edge results, minimizing the use of shadows in order to make it easier to immediately see what you’re searching for.

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