The Zig programming language entered the top 50 of the April edition of Tiobe’s Programming Community Index, taking 46th place, albeit with a rating of just 0.19%, Info World reports. In contrast, the Google-promoted Carbon language, which is considered the successor to C++, ranked just 168th.

Tiobe describes Zig as a language that has some of the features of C and C++, such as memory management enhanced with option types. According to Tiobe, this is a remarkable first success for Zig, although the rankings change frequently.

According to the Index, the demand for high-performance languages that are capable of processing massive amounts of data is the reason why C, C++ and Rust top the list. Tiobe’s index ranks the popularity of languages based on searches on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and YouTube for qualified engineers, programming courses and third-party providers related to each language.

The Tiobe index’s top 10 languages for April 2023:

-Python, 14.51%
-C, 14.41%
-Java, 13.23%
-C++, 12.96%
-C#, 8.21%
-Visual Basic, 4.4%
-JavaScript, 2.1%
-SQL, 1.68%
-PHP, 1.36%
-Go, 1.28%

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