Revisit the classic shooter on a modern console.

Here’s a nice treat from today’s Nintendo Direct: the surprise release of an updated version of the original Metroid Prime for Switch.

The aptly titled Metroid Prime Remastered boasts much improved graphics, of course, but also includes significantly more intuitive dual-controller controls. You can use a GameCube-like scheme and other control options, but players used to two decades of console first-person shooters should feel more comfortable, Engadget wrote on the subject.

The remaster is now available digitally via Nintendo’s eShop for $40. If you prefer a hard copy, you’ll have to wait until February 22.

This isn’t the long-delayed Metroid Prime 4, and there’s no word on remasters of the other Prime games. At least for now, Metroid Dread is the only real way to continue the adventures of Samus Aran on Switch. However, look at it this way – for the first time, a Metroid FPS can be played on a handheld console, if you don’t count some very unofficial GameCube mods.

This might work for you if you want something more than a 2D platformer on your daily commute.

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