Did you know that QA courses provide many opportunities to start a career in this field? As more and more companies adopt agile development methodologies, DevOps approaches, and the like, the importance of QA professionals is becoming greater.

Today, successful QA professionals not only manage the QA testing process, but they can also excel in new career challenges ranging from customer experience to product management and enterprise architecture. Here are six innovative career leaps and ideas for QA professionals.

In this article, we will look at 4 jobs that QA professionals can work, according to TechBeacon.

Product manager

Product management is particularly suited for quality assurance professionals. They review and analyze software repeatedly and thus develop a deep understanding of software quality improvement methodologies. Today, the demand for highly functional software has never been more critical to the commercial success of companies, and having these skills in employees helps companies succeed.

Quality assurance professionals are often the people who are involved in developing new products and features. Thanks to the experience and knowledge they have, QA professionals can take any product to new heights of improvement.

DevOps roles

QA professionals have a holistic view of the development process, which can make them good release managers or engineers, product stability managers, or automation engineers in companies that take a DevOps approach to development.

“DevOps” requires a holistic approach to application development and delivery that ensures code reaches users more often, faster, and with higher quality. The QA element helps companies adopt DevOps approaches.

Roles in enterprise architecture

QA professionals exhibit an attention to detail and an understanding of independent review that is not always welcome in fast-growing software development companies, but makes them great candidates for enterprise architecture roles, where these very qualities are valued.

Quality management

It may not seem like a big leap to move from quality assurance to quality management. But for software testing professionals, it’s a way to move up a level in their career. According to quality management professionals, the effort is not so much focused on ensuring the quality of a particular version of the application, but rather on ensuring a quality system for all versions. Quality assurance professionals may also choose to take positions in quality assurance strategy that have historically been the province of non-technical professionals with business analysis backgrounds.

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