Park Jae-Hyun, CEO

Ailys is a Korean software startup that aims to become the world’s No.1 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Company using its powerful AI software tool that enables users to build AI-based prediction models with the help of several mouse clicks and no coding work. Park Jae-Hyun, the company’s chief executive,  said in an interview:

“Using our software, even ordinary office workers who have no knowledge of artificial intelligence or machine learning can create an AI-based prediction system with proven Ailys-modified ML algorithms.”

Since the launch of DAVinCI LABS, an AI software tool, in 2017, the company has continued its growth with sales jumping from 5.3 billion won in 2018 and to 8.7 billion won in 2020. In fact, DAVinCI LABS is tool software that helps non-experts use AI for their work.

For instance, DAVinCI LABS can be used by bank employees to create a program that predicts the probability of the bank’s customer’s default on previous credit data to help make lending decisions. An employee of a retail company can create a program to control the supply by predicting how many lunchboxes will be sold each month.

After purchasing DAVinCI LABS, an expert from Ailys provides a Quick Win project to show how to create an AI prediction model based on the user’s existing data. After this process, customers can use the tool to create various AI prediction models themselves.

DAVinCI LABS can be used not only in credit evaluation but in all areas where decision-making is required.

Ailys has attracted large customers for DAVinCI LABS in Korea and overseas including Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, KB Capital, MetLife Life Insurance, Pulmuone Foods, Hyundai Mobis, Severance Hospital, Mitsubishi Corporation, SBI Holdings, and Vietnam’s TPBank.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International