Airtable has added new features to its Airtable AI platform that will make it easier for users to create apps on it.

The first update is the ability to extract information from large amounts of data. For example, it can analyze unstructured data, such as customer feedback, and summarize the most important points.

“If you aggregate thousands of transcripts of customer calls, you can ask Airtable AI to categorize each call according to sentiment (positive, negative, or neutral) and group the data accordingly”, Airtable wrote in a blog post.

The ability to automatically apply categories or tags to data is among the other new features. This helps teams keep their data better organized. Categories can be based on topics, product features, etc.

Users can also create content based on their data, such as generating emails for sales teams or draft campaign assets for marketing teams. This is done using message, product and audience information that has been stored in Airtable.

Other notable features include the ability to automatically translate content into multiple languages.

“Organizations have enormous potential to transform the way they work with AI,” said Howie Liu, co-founder and CEO of Airtable.

He further adds that with the new features, Airtable AI offers a fast way to introduce AI into data and workflows and “unlocks the possibilities of AI for small and large customers.

New features in the platform also include capabilities to improve data routing so it gets into the hands of the right team. This will save managers time spent in determining which teams data requests should go to.

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