There are so many different types of disturbing noise in our lives, however, the Youtube channel “Device orchestra” has proven once again that noise can actually convert to something more enjoyable than simply what it is meant to be.

In this case, the toaster was only capable of playing one monophonic “channel” with the help of its electromagnetic mechanism, which is normally used to hold the bread down until it’s ready. The host of “Device orchestra” channel, Tommi, attached a rubber band to this mechanism that made the electromagnetic field to be activated at a frequency similar to the desirable notes. The electromagnet was controlled by a development board, whereas the two toothbrushes and the typewriter have their own electric motors so they were controlled in a more conventional manner. It sounds really simple, right? Well, Tommi has created an entire series of videos where you can see how the undesirable noise from various motorized devices produces familiar music.

We are aware that nothing can compare with the original Darth Vader theme music, but the toaster and its bandmates were able to perform it with amazing accuracy.

All you need is precise control and a dose of creativity to turn the annoying daily noise into beautiful music.

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