Cloud Foundry has announced the latest release of Korifi, a Platform as a Service (PaaS) whose primary goal is to reduce Kubernetes complexity while significantly improving application performance.

“Korifi now offers users the power to transform container-based workflows and take advantage of Kubernetes scalability and resilience. We’re enabling developers to focus on innovation, without having to deal with infrastructure and become experts in Kubernetes”, said Chris Clark, program manager at Cloud Foundry.

This update streamlines container-based workflows by making Docker images compatible with existing containers at various stages of development, making it a valuable tool for teams already using container-based solutions.

With this support, users no longer need to write or maintain complex YAML configurations, as most lifecycle operations come with easily accessible workflows, Cloud Foundry explains.

“Within the Cloud Foundry community, we have been relentlessly focused on bringing the PaaS experience to Kubernetes infrastructure and now with Docker support, Korifi does that,” said Ram Iyengar, developer advocate at Cloud Foundry. “With Docker support, Korifi opens up interoperability with many existing workflows and is an important step towards making the project feature-complete in the Kubernetes ecosystem.”

Updates to Korifi in the new release include the following benefits.

  • Works with existing workflows: Cloud Foundry Korifi’s support for Docker images facilitates interoperability with a wide range of existing workflows, making it relevant for teams already utilizing container-based solutions.
  • Increased Productivity: Scaling becomes easier, and managing the container lifecycle is more efficient without having to deal with Kubernetes configuration.
  • Improved Agility: Existing Docker-based workflows can co-exist and operate side-by-side with Kubernetes, providing an easy on-ramp for users.
  • Reduced Complexity: With support for Docker images, there is no longer a need for writing or maintaining complex YAML configurations, and workflows for most lifecycle operations are readily available.
  • New Installer: Simplifies Korifi deployment locally for first-time users.
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