Users from European Union member states will be able to separate their Instagram and Facebook accounts without having to link them, as before. This is just one of the new features Meta will offer. The change will prevent Meta from combining the data of users who use the two connected social platforms.

The decision is part of the new Digital Marketplaces Act (DMA), which will come into force in March. The changes will allow users in the EU, European Economic Area and Switzerland to use many of Meta’s services without their data being shared between the different platforms.

Users will be able to use Facebook Messenger as a standalone service without having a Facebook account. Users whose Instagram and Facebook accounts are linked will be able to separate them and function as two separate social platforms.

Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Gaming users will also be able to access these services without the information from their main Facebook accounts.

However, Meta stresses that this choice will result in a reduction in functionality.

The company says that users will be notified of the coming changes in the next few weeks.

The DMA pertains to six prominent technology firms, mainly based in the United States, including Meta, which are identified as “gatekeepers.”

Beyond overseeing the sharing of data among gatekeepers’ services, the DMA involves a comprehensive set of regulations designed to promote competition and establish a fair business environment for those reliant on gatekeepers for service provision.

Anticipated significant alterations in the European Union due to the DMA involve fostering interoperability among messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger with competitors, as well as requiring Apple to allow sideloading on iOS – Bernama.

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