Clarifai, an AI development company, has announced that it is establishing an alliance for AI developers and companies. The goal of the alliance is for developers and companies to pool their knowledge in the field of AI, generate new ideas, and collaborate on the development of new projects.

“This collaborative initiative focused squarely at the developer-level signifies a pivotal step towards fostering and speeding innovation within the AI community. By bringing together leading developers and organizations, this Alliance is paving the way for impactful advancements in AI technology, transparency, and ethics,” said Matt Arcaro, research director for computer vision AI tools and technologies at IDC.

Clarifai announced that any organization that takes a “major role in shaping the future of AI technology and development” can be a member of the AI Developer Alliance.

Among the first members of the alliance are the companies: Postman, Coder, DBT Labs, LlamaIndex, DSPy, Deepgram, Weaviate, LangChain, New York University, Cleanlab, Tabnine, Sieve Data,, Cast AI, Ikigai, Last9, and Ycurb .

The activity of the union will consist of organizing events, conducting seminars, online forums, as well as holding events where companies will have the opportunity to present their experiences in the field of AI.

An advantage of the AI Developer Alliance is that through it all experts in the field of AI will receive and exchange information with each other much more easily. They will have faster access to sharing resources, case studies, research results in the field of AI development.

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