Swiss company Proton, which focuses on protecting personal data, has launched its end-to-end encrypted cloud storage (E2EE) service for Mac users, four months after it was released for Windows, TechCrunch reported.

Founded about nine years ago, Proton initially focused on a Gmail alternative called Proton Mail, but the company has expanded its horizons to include VPN, password management, calendaring and, cloud storage.

Last September, Proton debuted Proton Drive on the web, followed by mobile apps in December and Windows in July.

Proton Drive is now fully cross-platform, with users able to sync everything across all the devices they use.

Certainly! Proton Drive offers automatic full encryption for files and folders by default. Unlike Apple’s recent introduction of end-to-end encryption for certain iCloud data, which requires manual activation by users, Proton Drive ensures full encryption across all data, including metadata and file names, from the outset.

As for storage, Proton Drive provides 1GB for free, and users can opt for paid plans starting at $4 per month, which includes 200GB of storage and additional features. These features encompass the capability to automatically archive previous file versions for a period of up to 10 years.

Currently, Proton Drive for Mac exclusively synchronizes files to the cloud from the designated Proton Drive folder. However, Proton is actively developing the capability to extend synchronization to any local folder.

While Proton has a history of open-sourcing most of its applications, allowing third parties like security researchers to scrutinize the underlying code, the Proton Drive Mac app has not yet followed suit. The company assures that open-sourcing will be implemented in due course.

As for Linux users, Proton has indicated that eventual open-sourcing is part of its long-term roadmap, though a specific timeline has not been provided.

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