Republican lawmakers in the US have criticized the Biden administration after Huawei unveiled a laptop powered by Intel’s artificial intelligence chip, CNBC reports.

In 2019, the United States placed Huawei on a trade restriction list for violating sanctions against Iran, part of a broader effort to impede Beijing’s technological progress. Placement on the list means the company’s suppliers must be licensed before supplying to the country.

The license, which was issued by the Trump administration, allows Intel to supply Huawei CPUs for use in laptops starting in 2020. Hardliners in China have pushed the Biden administration to revoke that license.

With the unveiling of Huawei’s first AI-powered laptop, the MateBook X Pro, powered by Intel’s new Core Ultra 9 processor, doubts have also been raised that the Commerce Department has approved the supply of the new chip to Huawei.

According to sources, the chips have been supplied under an existing license.

The Commerce Department and Intel have so far declined to comment. Chinese telecom equipment giant Huawei has also remained silent on the subject.

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