Tableau, an analytics platform, opened registration for its annual Tableau Conference, which will be broadcast around the world November 10-12, 2021.

Tableau Conference will offer opportunities to learn, network, share best practices, and be inspired by data leaders at a time when connecting people to data-driven insights is more important than ever.

The ‘Let’s All Data‘ themed conference celebrates inclusivity and the belief that the most successful organizations empower everyone with data, from retail associates and human resources leaders to data scientists and education professionals. Jackie Yeaney, executive vice president of marketing, Tableau, said:

“Creating a culture that celebrates curiosity and empowers everyone to be a data person enables organizations to make the most accurate decisions faster than ever before. This is the essence of Tableau Conference. When people make informed choices based on data, companies can achieve so much more.”

Tableau Conference 2021 is Tableau’s 13th annual event, bringing together customers, partners, employees, data fans and more to learn, connect, be inspired, and have fun. 

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