At a time when industrial robots have gained such immense popularity, the technology giant and Google’s parent company Alphabet has come up with another initiative, apart from Waymo and Wing. This company, known as Intrinsic, will predominantly focus on developing new technologies with an impetus to the industrial robotic sector.

Intrinsic… What is this?

Intrinsic, the company and the body responsible for developments are expected to be a game-changer and can deliver creative, effective, and proactive robotic mechanisms to the industries.

The company’s official blog post also suggests the same. The beneficiary list is huge, ranging from budding entrepreneurs to warehouse workers finding it difficult to deal with the everyday work processes.

Through intrinsic, Alphabet aims to create more sustainable and equitable manufacturing, processing, and logistical operations. As per the statistics, manufacturing is mostly catered by 10 top countries, accounting for almost 70% of the productivity.

Initiatives like Intrinsic help in progressing towards zero-emission, with transportation becoming the least valuable factor. It also provides equal economic opportunities to be more creative and resourceful rather than being dominated by powerful countries. Moreover, specialized skills like welding, glueing, and one that requires utmost precision can be done within seconds, leading to more fruitful productivity. Factors like sensors, automation, machine learning, and artificial intelligence will help the process gain much-optimized momentum.

Industrial Robotics: Something Google Has Been Thinking

Clearly, the giant technical player realizes that robotics and automation are only the future for more work, less emission, and resources. SInce 2013, Google has been working on robotic applications in the commercial sector and has been a success.

But to gain a more sustainable position, the company has turned towards the software side. It is now using machine learning and artificial intelligence to teach robots to work without much supervision. Things are improving daily, with testing and trials helping the pace.

The company aims at being an independent organization only focussing on more prototype developments and evolution. Other areas of interest like automotive, healthcare, and electronics are on the list, and software for such operations is still on the move.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International