This is our second article related to the most common health problems amongst IT professionals and how to prevent them.

Today we will discuss anxiety and stress related problems at the workplace

Targets, projects, deadlines and a desk full of unsolved problems…

Yes, today we will speak more about stress and anxiety in the workplace. We all know how IT professionals are ready to work more than 18-20h per day to get their work done on time. During the weekends they are also eager to meet their set goals and as it often happens they even go beyond.

Office syndrome is very common among software engineers

According to a recent survey published in a psychological journal in the UK, people who are addicted to the internet, and more precisely the IT professionals are more likely to develop depression. This psychological damage can greatly affect both their personal and professional quality of life.

Now we will give you some tips on how to minimize or even avoid anxiety and stress in the workplace:

  • Do not overwork! Stick to your work day and stay proactive all the time. Once you pass your working hours, you are not that effective, so you need to relax and recharge your batteries for the next day.
  • Spend your free time with family and friends or take up a hobby and help your brain recover.
  • Exercise is probably one of the best ways to ward off stress. In fact, group events are more beneficial as it helps people interact with each other and helps them to forget their worries and stress. It relaxes both your mind and body.*
  • Stretching or yoga exercises before work are also effective ways to keep anxiety levels low.

Stay tuned, until the end of the week we will cover more health-related topics like computer vision syndrome, heart diseases, insomnia, CTS and efficient ways to prevent them.

PS: We have prepared something very exciting and engaging for all IT professionals. Stay tuned, we are about to get it released 😉

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