SatixFy and SWISSto12 are teaming up for the development and commercialisation of end-to-end MEO (Medium Earth orbit) and GEO (geostationary orbit) telecom satellite payloads.

According to the announcement, the companies are working together on multiple advanced payload programmes and opportunities for telecommunication satellites.

SatixFy is a UK manufacturer of electronic systems for communications over satellite based in Farnborough, and SWISSto12 is a Lausanne-based provider of 3D printed antenna and RF system products for the Aerospace and Defense industries. Their announcement states:

“SWISSto12 and SatixFy contribute with best-in-class products that are essential and complementary to the architectures of advanced digital payloads. Such systems require highly capable onboard digital signal processing capabilities to deliver re-configurable, channelized, switchable and regenerative payloads capable of beam-hopping and beamforming processes. These advanced digital payloads need to work hand-in-hand with best-in-class active antennas that have the capability to deliver high power and create RF beams that follow customers’ demand on the ground. The combination of these technologies enables flexible telecom payloads which are a true game-changer for satellite operators to boost profitability and reduce business risk in their operations.

The technologies involved, being software-defined, allow for a programmable, self-calibrating Software-Defined Payload. This will enable faster times to market. Dr. Emile de Rijk, CEO of SWISSto12, stated:

“This partnership with SatixFy will bring both our unique product capabilities together for the benefit of next-generation advanced telecom satellite payloads. We look forward to our work with satellite integrators to provide these new payload products. SatixFy and SWISSto12’s combined product capabilities offer an important opportunity to provide the most integrated and advanced full payload systems’ ‘ said Charlie Bloomfield, CEO of SatixFy Space Systems. This cooperation will allow for payloads that demonstrate significantly improved size, weight and power compared to currently available systems.”

Back in May, it was announced a group of UK space technology companies are developing a new beam-hopping satellite, with funding of £32 million from the UK Space Agency, via the European Space Agency’s Sunrise Programme.

The satellite’s pilot payload will be developed by SatixFy. The user terminal to support this satellite is also being developed by SatixFy, who have been awarded £25 million.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International