We often ask ourselves – can I learn to code without a computer? Well, actually you can. Going offline and teaching coding through hands-on activities makes the subject less intimidating and more interactive for students, said Extended Notes.

Here are some ways you can learn to do that without the presence of a computer.

First, you can achieve coding while playing board games. You can start with Robot Turtles.The game is focused on teaching the basics of programming to early learners using code cards. Playing not only Robot Turtles, but other games can actually be an easy and very effective way to combine learning offline with fun.

Second, you can always code a LEGO maze. It teaches you how to think like a programmer. There are four levels of difficulty. Depending on the level, students will create a set of instructions, or commands, to guide the character through the maze as efficiently as possible.

Third way is to read Hello Ruby. The book tells a coding story and it represents an activity book into one package. Each chapter provides a small lesson in computational thinking as well as exercises that incorporate play and creativity.

Fourth, make binary bracelets. Binary code is the simplest form of computer code. The coding system uses 0 and 1 to represent a letter, digit or other character in a computer. This way learners can practice using binary code by making binary bracelets that represent their name. By the way, if you want to introduce coding to early learners, teaching binary code is a great way, according to Extended Notes.

Number fife goes to teaching a robot to stack cups. This activity from Thinkersmith challenges students to create a series of instructions, or an algorithm, for how a “robot” should build a cup stack. It also helps students to learn how to convert real-world activities into instructions.

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