GitHub Copilot for Business is publicly available and comes with an updated version of the OpenAI Codex and a new real-time vulnerability filter that detects typical security flaws, Analytics Insight writes.

Copilot’s code ideas are powered by OpenAI’s Codex, which converts natural language into code. Copilot can be used with various editors such as Microsoft Visual Studio, Neovim, VS Code or JetBrains IDEs.

According to GitHub, Copilot now has an updated Codex model and additional features. Additionally, a security vulnerability filter has been created to increase the security of Copilot’s code recommendations and help developers quickly identify unsafe coding practices.

The new Codex model, which Microsoft is providing to developers through Azure OpenAI Services together with GPT-3.5 and DALL.E 2, should lead to a bigger proportion of code being authored by Copilot.

“This gives it additional background information about the code you want to write and how it should work with the rest of your program. We’ve created many techniques to offer FIM in GitHub Copilot’s code recommendations without any additional delay, and it regularly results in higher quality code suggestions“,

explains Shuyin Zhao, senior director of product management at GitHub.

Along with adopting a newer Codex model, Copilot also received the Fill-In-the-Center (FIM) “paradigm,” which improves upon the previous approach of simply considering the code prefix to account for known code suffixes and leaves a hole in the middle for Copilot to fill.

Microsoft may be able to increase the number of users who use GitHub by offering Copilot to individuals and corporations. According to a recent statistic, GitHub has 100 million members, which is much higher than most estimates of the number of developers in the world. According to Thomas Domke, CEO of GitHub, developers no longer work for software companies.

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