Major tech companies in the US and China have announced they are working on similar artificial intelligence tools, and ChatGPT is among the most talked about of them, CNBC reports.

There is hardly a person who hasn’t heard of the ChatGPT chatbot, as in recent months it has become a real hit among tech circles, and not only. Chatbots have the ability to create everything from the poems we told you about a few days ago to business strategies in human-like conversation.

Still, analysts say the technology is transformative – something that is said of both blockchain and the metaverse.

Chatbots create competition between companies
The race between big tech companies is dynamic, and the tech giants are definitely sparing no expense and effort in the name of being the best.

OpenAI raced to beat rivals by launching ChatGPT in November, according to The New York Times, citing sources. The public interface skyrocketed in popularity for everything from homework help to strategy development.

Microsoft is investing billions of dollars in OpenAI. Each conversation on ChatGPT is worth a few cents, the startup’s CEO said in December.

The company plans to revamp its little-used Bing search engine with technology from OpenAI in a bid to compete with Google. But early users of “Bing AI” say there are inaccuracies and strange conversations with the chatbot.

Google‘s new artificial intelligence-based search tool Bard has also revealed bugs. The company has asked its employees to rewrite the wrong answers, CNBC further reports on the topic.

Apple, on the other hand, decided to keep its AI plans a secret, reportedly saying nothing about the ChatGPT-related technology at an internal AI event.

A.I.’s creativity conquers the world
Artificial intelligence chatbot capabilities are captivating companies around the world. Kunlun Tech, which will release an open-source Chinese version of ChatGPT as early as the middle of this year, is proof. This is what its president Han Fang told CNBC, and he also said that the open source software is publicly available and allows anyone to view, modify or distribute the code.

Its niche web browser Opera plans to include ChatGPT in its products, although it’s unclear when and with what features. Kunlun Tech is already working in the area of AI-generated content, such as music.

Anton Korinek, a professor in the Department of Economics and the Darden School of Business at the University of Virginia, tells CNBC that the advent of artificial intelligence, such as ChatGPT, means that many “cognitive tasks” seem easier to automate than manual work, for example in factories, which in turn comes as a surprise to many economists.

Indeed, he says this suggests that these models will have a revolutionary impact on the global economy, on productivity, on labor markets and on society as a whole.

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