Opsera announced that five patents have been issued that enable enterprise engineering leaders and teams to gain unprecedented end-to-end visibility of software delivery and accelerate the speed and security of delivery while maximizing their investment.

“Enterprises have spent upwards of $25 million on resources and custom tooling to try to manage their software delivery, teams and DevOps ecosystem,”

said Kumar Chivukula, co-founder and CEO of Opsera.

“Our DevOps Flow platform provides leaders with visibility into the velocity, productivity, and governance of their engineering teams, and this saves money and moves their company’s digital transformation objectives forward”,

he continued.

Up to 90% of engineers’ time is spent maintaining pipelines with custom scripts or a black box solution. This is what limits engineers to a vendor solution and custom integrations. They spend as much time managing DevOps as they do designing.

Existing DevOps solutions fail because they are point solutions that solve a specific function but do not provide a platform solution for the entire organization.

DevOps Flow platform accomplishes three things:

– Gives enterprise teams choice and flexibility with their tools and automation while bringing existing internal tools into one tool management system.
– Accelerates enterprise DevOps maturity through automating pipelines, with security and quality gates built in to keep fast moving teams productive.
– Gives leaders visibility into their teams’ performance with insights into metrics all in one place so smart decisions can be made fast.

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