YouTube provides an update on the progress in the fight against spam, bots and profanity, presenting new and updated tools to better tackle these very nuisances, in its latest blog post.

In its statement, the platform notes that these are the main concerns of today’s content creators and safety in the virtual space is a priority for Youtube.

Spam detection in the comments section is one of the main changes. The development team worked hard to improve automatic spam detection and in the first half of this year managed to get rid of 1.1 billion spam comments.  YouTube uses machine learning models. The same goes for automated detection in the chat section during live broadcasts.

YouTube introduces a warning to remove and disconnect users who write offensive comments. The system will warn users when their comments are against community guidelines and remove their comments, and if the same user continues to leave offensive comments, they will receive a 24-hour ban.

In addition to all these changes, the system will give an estimate of when a newly uploaded video will complete its processing and be available in full resolution, whether it’s 1080p, 2160p or 4320p. This is an important detail for all content creators.

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