Kiwi Kamara, chief executive of Austin-based legal technology company CS Disco Inc. is one of the few executives who can claim a compensation package larger than that of the chief executive of Apple Inc. Tim Cook, YahooFinance reports.

Although Cook’s salary is expected to be about 40 percent lower this year under shareholder guidance and his own recommendation, his compensation for fiscal 2022 reached $99.4 million, as disclosed in Securities and Exchange Commission filings.

According to data from analytics company C-Suite Comp, nine CEOs crossed the $100 million mark in total compensation last year. Those executives include Blackstone Inc.’s Stephen Schwartzman, who received $253 million, and Alphabet Inc.’s Sundar Pichai, who earned $216 million. Hertz CEO Stephen Sher also joined the exclusive club with a compensation package totaling $182 million.

The 39-year-old entrepreneur earned nearly $110 million last year, a significant increase from his $1 million in revenue the previous year. That achievement resulted from a combination of a $500,000 salary and $109 million in stock options. The value of the stock options is tied to specific goals to be achieved by 2032 or in the event of an acquisition or Kamara leaving his position.

Although the remuneration is one of the highest in the world, there are many companies that are happy to pay millions for some of the world’s greatest talent. While it may be a moot point for investors and stakeholders alike, the fact is that the greatest executives have a track record of making billions of dollars, which ultimately adds unparalleled value.

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