With Microsoft Graph Developer Proxy, Microsoft provides a command-line tool designed to provide a better way to test applications that use Microsoft Graph, InfoWorld reported.

Problems can be identified and fixed in the code early in the development cycle. This pre-release focuses on simulating errors for Microsoft Graph and other APIs, as well as providing contextual guidance to improve application performance.

The latest preview version, 0.3, can be downloaded from GitHub. It is available for Windows, macOS and Linux. It is recommended to check if the applications are handling the API errors correctly. Microsoft Graph API provides access to data and insights from Microsoft 365 applications.

By extending queries to the Microsoft Graph with the $select query parameter, developers can limit the data that the Microsoft Graph returns to only that which is required for their application, thus speeding up the API response.

The Graph Developer Proxy will alert users to any requests to the Graph API that do not use the $select parameter, and provide a link to a guide with more information on using the $select parameter.

Microsoft also wants to make it easier to support features and provides the ability to support plug-ins for specific scenarios developed by developers.

Other goals the tech giant has regarding additional enhancements is also improving the readability of proxy output and exploring ways to understand which beta endpoints are being used in applications so they can be upgraded to use the version 1.0 endpoints that are supported in production.

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