Samsung has announced the launch of its new 3D Map View feature for SmartThings, reports IoTnews. The new feature will allow users to see their home on a virtual 3D map. They will be able to connect their devices and control lights and other devices in their home via the virtual map while they are out.

3D Map View can be used in all countries where SmartTings is available. It is characterized by being able to control smart home devices. It does this by collecting and rendering interactively through the 3D devices in the user’s property.

How does 3D Map View work?

The new 3D Map View uses AI and LiDAR sensors in Samsung devices. Among the sensors used is the Bespoke Jet Bot, which serves to produce a precise map of the home. In the SmartThings app and through the map of their home, users can see more clearly what their home looks like and what its shape is.

“Samsung is constantly working to enable customers to control their home devices without any inconvenience at any time and place, and Map View is the result of these efforts,” said Seungbeom Choi, Head of Device Platform Center at Samsung Electronics.

The improved map view makes it more efficient to monitor and control certain devices. Samsung also says that for a smarter home experience, they will add AI characters by the end of the year.

“We will continue to introduce a variety of relevant services and features so our customers can enjoy optimal smart home experiences with a better life,” adds Seungbeom Choi.

Map View gives SmartThings users the ability to use the new 3D mapping features. To be able to make Map View reach apartments and offices, Samsung is collaborating with construction companies. Samsung also plans to create a more optimized UX for apps.

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