The end of the week is almost here, so here is our weekly dose of Frontend Focus news about Codes, Tools and resources.

Tim Bednar wants to help us make our webpage faster by presenting us with several Google page speed insights. Google Search starts to use page speed measures it calls Core Web Vitals to rank search engine results. Many experts rely on PageSpeed Insights to fix issues but struggle to turn these reports into real-world improvements. Using the same information as Google PageSpeed Insights, Waterfaller’s algorithm adds expert analysis to create tasks that fix the most important slowdowns discovered on your page. Go and check it out from here.

Cumulative Layout Shift Debugger: Rate and Visualize the Cumulative Layout Shifts of Any Webpage” is the name of Fili Wiese’s latest article where he examines the Cumulative Layout shift debugger with giving some very useful insights and FAQ.

UI layer is a drag-n-drop email template builder that makes it easy to add an email editor to your React, Angular or Vue apps. Go and check the demos, pricing, examples and documentation of “The Embeddable Drag & Drop Editor for SaaS” and see how it works.

Here is Damian Frizzi Frondend toolkit: A small collection of useful online optimizers and converters which is a set of 10 tools that you can arrange on screen that includes an SVG or image optimizer, CSS formatter, and a quick lookup to find out the size of any npm package. Don’t miss it out.

Felix Bohm, a climbing student and rock programmer, examines the “CSS-Select 4.0: A CSS Selector Compiler and Engine” that turns CSS selectors into functions that test if elements match them. Check his Github CSS- select demo from here.

Bruno Vieira’s latest Github demo was “moovie.js: A Movie-Focused HTML5 Media Player”. There are no dependencies, responsive, customizable, keyboard shortcuts, and includes support for .vtt or .srt caption/subtitle files.

Kaboom.js: A Fun JS Game Programming Library and Environment” helps you edit your code, sprites, and sounds in one place and includes helpers to assist in building certain types of games faster. Go and check its integrated environment, toolkits, pricing, and join the teams for education.

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