It is expected that by 2024 the Egyptian social e-commerce market will be estimated at over $14.8 billion. The reason of this might be thanks to the online sellers who give the unrecognizable brand an opportunity to sell their products via various networks, such as Brimore.

Brimore is a company founded in 2017 which is working on enabling everyone to support their commerce business. There is a great number of people who are trying to start their own e-commerce shops but they face some challenges because of all the entrenched brands.  It turns out that most of the sellers who were onboarded to the platform were women. Тhe CEO of Brimore commented:

“We started working on Brimore with the mindset of actually manufacturing products ourselves. However, producing our products wasn’t the wisest decision at that time as it was a very asset-heavy model”.

The platform is working in such a way that small and medium-sized suppliers will be allowed to give access to these emerging products to individuals who are in a process of doubling as sellers.

Brimore emphasizes that it has grown approximately 400 times in revenue. Now it has a network of 75,000 sellers and 74% of them are women. It covers 27 Egyptian cities and remote areas. Ahmad Sheikha, the chief business and investment officer noted:

“We are building a smart and reliable infrastructure and a full ecosystem that enable masses to do commerce. So anyone – with a shop or a stay at home mom – can do commerce business with Brimore either online or offline”

Abdulaziz emphasized how important and beneficial Brimore turned out to be to its sellers as many of them reported that their lifestyle became better since they started using the platform.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International