Google has accused Microsoft of anti-competitive practices, the BBC reports. In a letter to the FTC, Google alleged that Microsoft was using unfair licensing terms to “attract customers” and exert control over the cloud computing market.

The letter was sent in response to the FTC’s request for comment on potential anti-competitive actions in the cloud industry. An FTC spokesperson declined to give further comment to the BBC.

In the indictment, Google argues that through its dominant Windows Server and Microsoft Offices products, the company can make it difficult for its huge roster of customers to use anything other than its Azure cloud infrastructure. Google describes Microsoft’s licensing restrictions as a “complex web” that prevents enterprises from diversifying their enterprise software providers.

Furthermore, according to Google, such controls also pose significant national security and cybersecurity risks.

But these are not the only accusations directed at Microsoft. In its letter to the FTC, Google also alleged that Oracle’s practices are harmful to customers with overly complex agreements that aim to tie customers to their ecosystems. According to Google, companies like Microsoft and Oracle are limiting choice, increasing customer costs, and disrupting growing and thriving digital ecosystems in the U.S. and around the world.

What did Microsoft comment in its defense? Stay tuned for details.

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