Elastic has released Elastic 8.6 with enhancements across the Elastic Search platform, including Elastic Enterprise Search, Elastic Observability, Elastic Security and Kibana. The release includes additional connector clients, better dependency observability, improvements to alerts generated by pre-built security rules, and temporary data views.

Some of the new features in Elastic 8.6 are:

Elastic Enterprise Search is the standard for deploying powerful, modern search and discovery using Elasticsearch – enabling you to search anything, anywhere.

With Elastic 8.6, Elastic Enterprise Search introduces new tools for implementing and managing natural language processing (NLP) in search indexes – accelerating both time to value and higher quality search results. In addition, Elastic 8.6 gives users ingesting data from MongoDB more control and precision with custom filtering and greater overall ingestion flexibility with a new open source connector for network devices.

Elastic Observability is the most widely deployed solution for transforming metrics, logs and traces into actionable IT insights – enabling you to unify observability across your entire digital ecosystem.

With Elastic 8.6, Elastic Observability streamlines end-to-end incident management with alerting workflows through a new OpsGenie connector. Additionally, root cause analysis is accelerated through a new curated journey that helps identify performance or availability issues caused by application dependencies.

Elastic Security brings together SIEM, endpoint security and cloud security, helping practitioners prevent, detect and respond to threats quickly and at cloud scale.

With Elastic 8.6, Elastic Security improves incident investigation and response times across SIEM, cloud, and endpoint – delivering enhanced ransomware protection, improved analyst workflows, and advanced endpoint detection.

An Opsgenie connector is also added in this release. This allows alerts generated in Elastic to be sent to Opsgenie. Signals will be automatically closed in Opsgenie upon recovery in Elastic. Configuring the action to create an alert is supported via a form view or JSON editor.


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