All users in the US and Canada now will be given a chance to experience Meta’s new platform – Horizon Worlds VR. The news was announced by the company and it will serve as a key introduction for many new Meta users. Meta explained:

“Horizon Worlds is a social VR experience where you can create and explore together. Since launching as an invite-only beta last year, we’ve been amazed by the community that’s begun to form and inspired by the unique experiences they’ve built.”

What actually is Horizon Worlds? It’s kind of like the main city in The Lego Movie. This is a place where users are free to build whatever they like. The social VR expereince is full of different kinds of applications, options and features, which allow users to meet friends, play games together, and many more.

Since the sales of Quest 2 headsets became three times higher than previous VR devices, the expansion of access to Horizon Worlds’s arrival comes at the right time. In November, Qualcomm stated that Meta had already sold 10 million Quest 2 systems. According to the company, Meta hasn’t provided any official sales figures, and at that moment, more and more people are interested in VR, probably because of the metaverse-inspired name change.

It is expected that there will be many more Quest 2 units. All these users should be provided irresistible experiences, and perfect VR tools, so Meta needs to give its best in order to satisfy its users’ metaverse living through.

AR is set to fulfill a major part in the digital engagement’s next stage. However, VR has the true vision of a fully immersive metaverse, which makes anything possible for its users – something that Meta’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg tried to stand out two months ago when he announced that Facebook Connect will change its name to “Meta”.

If you would like to experience this exciting environment, you can use this VR headset which is one of the reasons Horizon Worlds is so significant, and why Meta is enthusiastic to get it out there.

Undoubtedly, Horizon Worlds may be the next evolution of social media interaction, as everything is developing so fast, especially in the tech world.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International