Anaconda officially launched its Embedded Partner Program in response to the rising demand for access to secure, managed Python packages and environments. Now organizations can embed Anaconda tools, packages, and repositories into their own products and services.

The launch of Anaconda’s Embedded Partner Program brings end-users a seamless access experience. Regardless of whether Anaconda is embedded behind the scenes in order to power a company’s solution or made available directly to an organization’s users.

Anaconda chose to formally release the Embedded Partner Program now as enterprises want access to a supported open-source Python ecosystem for their users, products, and services without needing to worry about security, licensing requirements, or dependency management. This formal launch also comes on the heels of Anaconda’s recent influx of financing that included investments from Snowflake Ventures and Apertu Capital.

Members of the Embedded Partner Program include App Orchid, Guidewire, IBM, Microsoft, Schlumberger, Snowflake, and others. By joining Anaconda’s Embedded Partner Program, members also gain support and services, including SLAs for requests, on top of Anaconda’s core offerings.

With the Embedded Partner Program, partners have the power to choose how to experience Anaconda. Users can choose to embed Anaconda within their backend systems, allow their customers to create managed Python environments, or provide access to Anaconda’s repository of Python or R Conda packages.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International