Amit Rathi, Vice President of Engineering at Virtana, explained to App Developer Magazine why in 2023 SaaS will be entirely specialized, and why it will be critical for organizations to have the right infrastructure and tools in place to effectively manage data and more.

But first – who is Amit Rathi?

Amit Rathi is vice president of engineering at Virtana. He leads all aspects of development, testing, DevOps, support, and cloud operations for Virtana products. During his career, Amit has been responsible for transforming legacy products into high quality solutions that deliver results for customers. He has built new SaaS services from scratch as well as designed and created scalable architecture for enterprise solutions.

What companies need?

According to his predictions, companies will need to start digging deeper into the key value they’re looking for and which cloud provider can best deliver it.

Companies will benefit from managing costs in the cloud 

According to Amit Rathi, cost and resource optimisation will be key this year. Given the potential economic uncertainty, most companies want to have a more granular view of their cloud spend and the ability to control costs as well as optimize resource utilization.

Thanks to digital transformation in recent years, companies have adopted multiple clouds depending on their individual business needs. And the result is: most companies have very little insight into costs, the relationship with business applications and potential cost-saving opportunities.

He also notes that companies that take a proactive approach will have a significant advantage in dealing with uncertainty as organizations begin to move toward cloud adoption maturity, which is coupled with business pressure to reduce costs.

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