Robotic Research raised a $228 million Series A round. The company will use the investment to build out the commercial side of its business. The round was led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 and Enlightenment Capital.

Crescent Cove Advisors, Henry Crown and Company and Luminar, a lidar company, also participated in the investment. Alberto Lacaze, CEO of Robotic Research told TechCrunch:

“Most people think robotics is some magic piece of software. The reality is that robotics is more like a stamp collection. You have to collect all these different edge cases where you need to be able to run on slippery roads and with dust and without being able to see the lines and so forth. We have collected lots and lots of stamps. To a certain degree, a common day for a military application is the edge case for a commercial application.”

This funding is specifically geared towards expanding and industrializing commercial applications, says Lacaze.

On the trucking side, RR.AI is working with sawmills in Canada to move logs, and says it will have a big U.S.-related announcement coming soon. The company will also be announcing an agriculture partnership in the coming months.

The company’s go-to-market strategy is to focus on the “low hanging fruits,” says Lacaze, or the areas where there are few regulations or easy regulations to work around.

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