Mark Zuckerberg and his wife Priscilla Chan were among the invited guests at billionaire heir Ananth Ambani and Radhika Merchant’s pre-wedding celebration in India, reports People. The celebration was held this weekend and the guest performer was pop diva Rihanna.

In a clip shared on X, Zuckerberg and Chan are seen complimenting the groom-to-be on the watch he wears on his wrist.


“This watch is fantastic,” Chan said, and shortly afterwards Zuckerberg added, “I know, I already told him.”

Zuckerberg then explains that although he’s not a fan of watches, Ambani’s has changed his mind.

This weekend, the CEO and his better half shared beautiful footage on Instagram from the three-day pre-wedding celebration. The couple shared a few behind-the-scenes shots of their outfits.

In the picture, Zuckerberg is seen wearing a blazer with gold dragonfly embellishments and a Sunderbans Tigress shirt by Rahul Mishra Couture. Priscilla Chan opted for a black dress with gold flowers that accentuated her figure.

“Love an Indian wedding. Congrats to Anant and Radhika!”, wrote Zuckerberg under the photo.

The couple changed several outfits during the celebration. In a subsequent post of the Meta founder, he wore a wildlife-patterned shirt and crisp white trousers, while his wife opted for a long, snake-print role again.

Other guests in attendance include the names of Bill Gates, Ivanka Trump, Hillary Clinton, members of the royal family of Bhutan and more.

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