Lilly Lozanova is an Agile coach at Clippings, who is always a positive, caring, empathetic and energetic person. According to her, the problem of inequality is still relevant in Bulgaria and globally. Lilly shares that it was the life that took her into the Technology world while she was exploring different career paths. 

The Agile coach of Clippings is a lady, with a name of a beautiful flower- Lilly. She is the one who is driving the transition of the entire organisation to Agile. Lilly Lozanova is restlessly working not only on paper but actively incorporating the mindset within every single member of the organisation. She has spent many years in project management in the banking and telecom industries, leading strategic projects with cross-functional and multinational teams in Technology and Business departments. From handling the projects portfolio to managing the nightly releases she has always been leading by example, people-oriented and delivering results. Today, Lilly is a strategic catalyst of change. One can see her talking to the DevOps team, then speaking with the Architect, meeting the Leadership team and the Sales and HR teams. Lilly steps into each task with a positive and professional attitude and creates great achievements with all her colleagues in the Technology, Business, HR, Marketing and Finance sectors. Her hidden or not so hidden talent is to inspire others, to encourage them to seek a solution to every single problem, to empower them for better performance even if there are mistakes that need to be fixed. Her hobby is to be positive and to never give up. Lilly dances and sings, she also sometimes draws – either like a child or like a professional, but always for fun.

Do only what you like as it’s all about the passion and the effort you put in it to make it work.

Favourite clothes?

Neat and comfy, business casual

High heels or flat shoes?

Low heels 🙂

Which typical female quality or household responsibility does not apply to you? 

Nothing female scares me – I have it all.

What is THE thing that you must have in your bag when going out? 


Favourite lipstick colour?

Lips colour.

Can you share something specific about you that we can’t find on LinkedIn? 

I’m very emotional.

Have you encountered any challenges in your career in connection to being a woman?

No matter women and men, we all should act like professionals. But yes, I have been treated differently, because of being a woman in the past.

I was exploring different career paths until I got where I am today and I love it so much!

Do you know how many women work in your position? 

Many. In my position, it’s all about how much you care, not which gender you are.

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Do you think that the problem of gender inequality is still relevant in Bulgaria and globally? 

I think so, yes. That’s why there are so many movements. It comes from history, culture, mentally, traditions, etc.

Which policies does your company encourage regarding gender diversity? 

We have a Diversity and Inclusivity Committee. Our Leadership is strongly involved and supportive.

Do your male colleagues treat you differently? 


Do you think that a woman’s appearance and charm affect their professional success?(For example: does it make communication easier?) 

Charm always affects you, no matter if you are a man or a woman. Appearance can influence, but not as much as attitude.

How do you combine personal and professional life? Do you have any rules that you follow? 

You will see me acting the same way at work and at home. I do my best to always be positive, caring, empathic and energetic.

Which sources do you follow and can you recommend some of them to our audience? (example: podcasts, pages, influencers, vloggers, etc.). 

There are many of them out there. If you are interested in Agile – is your starting point.

What made you choose a career in the tech industry? 

Life took me there. I was exploring different career paths until I got where I am today and I love it so much!

What are the key responsibilities of one successful Agile coach? 

The list is long, but I would start by guiding the organisation, the teams and every individual in it to those “A-ha” moments when they realise they should do only the things there is a reason for and have value. That reflection, continuous improvement and transparency are key to increased productivity and motivated people. Coaching, mentoring, facilitating meetings, workshops and one-on-ones are all part of my day to day job so that we all embrace those Agile values and principles.

What inspires you the most in your personal and professional life? 

The ”little big” things: the smiles, the care, the sea and the sun, the person that is so happy with what just happened, what he or she achieved, the team that is proud with the latest deployment, the manager trusting his/her team, the organization.

What is your advice to the younger generation of women who want to develop a career in the tech industry? 

Do only what you like as it’s all about the passion and the effort you put in it to make it work.

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