Life is all about being happy and fulfilled, and what statistics say is that an average person spends around ⅓ of their lives at work. So, our question for today is:

What makes software engineers and professional developers (programmers) happy at work?

The DevStyleR team asked some quality professionals from the IT sector to share their opinion about this controversial question. We formed a very interesting discussion and covered several key points about what developers should do if they are not feeling fulfilled with their job, how to ask for a change at work, and how important is constant growth both personally and professionally.  The idea of directly changing our job and quitting is not an option because we all know that quitters never win!

We need to carefully consider what we want, we don’t have to rush and have to keep on being curious and open-minded because the tech world needs innovators, not losers.

We have to be honest, speak about our problems and try to find solutions because if we are happy with our job everything else will eventually fall into place.

Go and hear more from our panel featuring professionals from Strings IT, DevriX, Someso, and H-Vision.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International