GitHub has released a compilation of the programming languages that gained the most traction this year, Analytics India Mag reported. Holding onto its leading position, JavaScript remains the most utilized language, with Python and C++ securing positions in the top five. Notably, TypeScript surpassed Java, claiming the third spot in open source software (OSS) projects on GitHub. Impressively, its user base experienced a notable 37% growth.

In the current year, there is a rising trend in the utilization of programming languages like T-SQL and TeX for data analysis and operational purposes. Professionals in the fields of data science and research are increasingly relying on freely accessible and shared (open source) tools for their tasks. Notably, these programming languages are transcending their traditional software applications, finding adoption across various domains and for diverse project types.

GitHub’s report shows that languages like Kotlin, Rust, Go and Lua are increasingly being chosen for new projects and that more developers are working with AI.

Top 10 programming languages on GitHub in 2023

This is the most used language for 2023 and occupies an important place in web development. JavaScript allows the creation of dynamic content.

Companies around the world use JavaScript extensively for web applications, with frameworks like React and Angular making it easy to develop applications from a single page. It’s a preferred tool for front-end developers, and with Node.js, it has become just as significant in back-end programming.

Python’s popularity is growing due to its simplicity and the vast set of libraries available for tasks like data analysis, machine self-learning, and web development with frameworks like Django and Flask.

Its application is widespread across a variety of sectors including finance, healthcare and education. Python’s syntax and dynamic nature make it accessible to beginners and invaluable for rapid application development.

According to experts, TypeScript’s offering of optional static typing is the reason why it is among the most used programming languages for 2023. This feature is critical for developing larger codebases, as it provides developers with tools to more easily detect potential errors. It is used in both front-end and back-end development.

This programming language is closely associated with the development of enterprise-level backend systems, Android mobile applications, and large-scale systems, primarily owing to its Write Once, Run Anywhere (WORA) philosophy. Globally, organizations choose Java for its performance, security features, and the resilience offered by the Java Virtual Machine (JVM).

Java continues to be a favored choice among developers, partly due to its inclusion of advanced features such as automatic memory management, runtime checks on data types, and the capability to introspect and manipulate the class structure during runtime.

Developed by Microsoft as an integral component of the .NET framework, this programming language is primarily employed in the creation of Windows desktop applications and game development through Unity. Its object-oriented design is particularly appreciated in the realm of enterprise software and plays a crucial role in the development of applications designed for the Windows platform.

This programming language provides precise control over system resources and memory, making it indispensable for game development, high-performance applications, and systems programming. It is widely employed in software demanding optimal efficiency, including desktop applications and servers.

C++ remains the preferred choice for developing new software that demands high speed, as seen in applications like computer-aided design/manufacturing (CAD/CAM) or server applications requiring swift processing, such as those employed in high-frequency trading. Its importance extends to building virtual machines, crafting device drivers, creating runtime interpreters, and developing various tools. Additionally, C++ plays a crucial role in the realm of AI applications and serves as a foundational element in the infrastructure supporting Google’s Android operating system.

PHP is a server-side scripting language that powers a significant portion of the web. It’s integral to content management systems like WordPress and Drupal, and it’s often used in conjunction with databases like MySQL to build dynamic websites.

C language
As one of the earliest programming languages, this language persists in applications ranging from system and software development to embedded systems and operating systems like Linux. Its widespread use is attributed to its portability and efficiency, making it a fundamental language in both computer science curricula and systems programming.

Ruby is renowned for its graceful syntax and is predominantly applied in web development, leveraging the widely embraced Ruby on Rails framework. Its support for rapid application development is particularly appealing to startups and the creation of Minimum Viable Products (MVPs).

Frequently known as Golang and crafted by Google, this programming language is acknowledged for its simplicity and effectiveness, particularly in the realm of concurrent processing and microservices architectures. It finds application in network servers, data pipelines, and even command-line tools.

Go does not adhere strictly to either object-oriented or procedural paradigms and is celebrated for its speed, derived from its direct compilation to machine code.

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