Microsoft Teams is one of the most used applications and now it is said to save some space not only on your taskbar but also on your RAM. 

The author of the “Out of Office Hours” blog, Michael Niehaus who is a developer and IT admin finds out that the Teams icon is actually saving space on your RAM when it is not placed somewhere on your taskbar.

In his posts he emphasizes on the usage of Windows 11’s widgets – Microsoft Teams, and Microsoft Edge.

Widgets is not the only one which generates several Microsoft Edge WebView2 processes to make it work. WebView2 gives its users an opportunity to use Edge and its rendering engine and it is not necessary to launch Edge or try to use Edge’s user interface.

When united, those processes use a few hundred megabytes of memory in order to work.

All these processes, connected with the widgets, are not able to start unless you actually click the widgets button.

The Microsoft Teams’s processes run no matter if you are using the application or not. If this makes you feel uncomfortable, you can just uninstall it but according to Niehaus removing the icon from the taskbar is enough.

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Nikoleta Yanakieva Editor at DevStyleR International