The latest partnership between Microsoft and Nvidia has kicked off with the release of the first Xbox PC games on GeForce Now, reports the Verge. Gears 5 is now available to GeForce Now members afterMicrosoft and Nvidia struck a deal to make Xbox PC games available on GeForce Now earlier this year.

Aside from Gears 5, there are plenty of other Xbox Game Studios and Bethesda titles coming to GeForce Now. Deathloop, Grounded, and Pentiment will be released on May 25 (Thursday). Nvidia says more Xbox games will be added regularly.

Although the first Xbox PC games will need to be purchased from Steam to be available on GeForce Now streaming, Microsoft and Nvidia are working on support for the Microsoft Store. It’s unclear if this will include PC Game Pass support. Nvidia also says that support for this store should “become available in the coming months”.

As you already know, earlier this year Microsoft struck a 10-year deal with Nvidia to license Xbox PC games for GeForce Now as part of a broader effort to appease European regulators over Activision Blizzard’s proposed deal. The EU approved the deal recently in the wake of similar 10-year deals offered to other cloud competitors. The deals also include access to Activision Blizzard titles if Microsoft’s proposed acquisition is approved by regulators.

If the giant deal with Microsoft falls through, Nvidia spokesperson Steffi Ngo claims to The Verge that the agreement with Microsoft and Xbox PC gaming will go ahead regardless of the outcome of the acquisition.

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