ASP.NET Core will offer a combined full-stack Web development model as part of the planned .NET 8 software development platform to better meet the diverse needs of Web applications, InfoWorld reports.

The first preview version of .NET 8 is now available, which attempts to combine the benefits of server-side and client-side rendering into a comprehensive programming model based on the Blazor framework for client-side web user interfaces that is part of ASP.NET Core.

With .NET 8, developers will be able to use a unified Blazor-based architecture for server-side rendering and client-side interactivity with Blazor Server or WebAssembly.

Developers will also be able to switch between different rendering modes and mix them on the same page. Blazor United will enable new rendering capabilities such as streaming rendering and progressive enhancement of form posts and navigations. Diagnostics are also planned to quickly fix security issues.

ASP.NET Core in .NET 8 Preview 1 also includes routing tools, route constraint performance improvements, hot reload support for instance fields, properties, and events for .NET on WebAssembly, and experimental Blazor WebAssembly debugging in Firefox. And HTTP/3 is enabled by default.

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