The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past is one of the most beloved video games of all time, and for many, it’s their favorite game in the franchise. Now, thanks to a Github developer who goes by the name Snesrev, the game has been remade, opening up the possibility of Link to the Past appearing on other platforms, such as Sega’s 32X or Sony’s Playstation. This reimplementation of Link to the Past is written in C and contains a staggering 80,000 lines of code.

This version is also content-packed, with the same levels, enemies and puzzles that fans of the original game will remember. In its current state, the game requires the PPU and DSP libraries from LakeSNES, a fast SNES emulator with a number of speed optimizations that make the game faster and smoother than ever, Neowin wrote.

Breaking the dependency on LakeSNES, which allows compatibility with modern operating systems, would allow the code to be created for retro hardware. The game could also run the original machine code alongside the backwards-developed C implementation. This is done by creating a saved state of both versions of the game after each frame of gameplay, comparing their states, and proving that the re-implementation works.

The project would not have been possible without Zelda 3 JP disassembly, a project that downloads rom into raw assembly code, and other sources that document function and variable names. However, with this head start, Snesrev was able to better understand how the original game was assembled and make sure that the re-implementation was as accurate as possible.

Despite the enormous amount of work that went into this project, the result is brilliant. Not only does the game play exactly like the original, but it also includes a number of new features not present in the original.

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