Check Point Software Technologies has introduced Infinity Global, a new comprehensive security solution that will enable organizations of all sizes to harden their systems – from the cloud through the network to the endpoint.

The new service will expand Check Point’s comprehensive security services and enable organizations to build and enhance their cybersecurity practices and controls, demonstrating cyber resilience.

“Organizations of all sizes are struggling to monitor the growing threat landscape and adequately prevent cyberattacks. Our customers and partners reach out to us to support the build out of their cyber resilience strategy,”

said Sharon Schusheim, CIO and VP Technical Services at Check Point Software Technologies.

“Check Point Infinity Global Services provides a comprehensive, consolidated and collaborative security solution, in a simple to deploy format so organizations can go on the security offensive to prevent attacks before they happen”,

he continued.

A recent World Economic Forum survey found that 86% of business leaders believe there will be a “large-scale, catastrophic cyber event” in the next two years, but 34% of them say their teams lack cybersecurity skills. On average, organizations are subjected to more than 1,100 cyberattacks each week.

The complexity of managing SOC operations has only added to this challenge, making it difficult for companies to defend against cyber threats. Infinity Global Services provides comprehensive security offerings that help organizations prevent advanced threats, respond to widespread attacks, and improve their cybersecurity practices and controls.

The Infinity Global Services’ comprehensive end-to-end model delivers thirty proactive services across four main pillars:

Assess: Strengthens an organization’s team expertise from security practitioner to CISO. Includes cyber and IoT risk assessments, hybrid cloud security blueprints and Zero Trust best practices.
Optimize: Support for baking threat prevention into cyber defenses with SOC as a Service, Cyber Resilience as a Service, security development and optimization and managed cloud CSPM.
Master: Optimizes an organization’s security and extends its team’s capabilities offering cloud security bootcamps, CISO training, cyber knowledge programs and workforce development.
Respond: Increases response readiness with services designed to enhance incident response planning with compromise assessments, Penetration testing, managed detection and response and tabletop exercises.

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