During the Leadership Summit, Satya Nadella, CEO at Microsoft shared in detail about the impact GitHub Copilot is having on the developer ecosystem, stating that 70% of apps will be built with no-code or low-code tools, Analytics India Magazine reported.

Satya Nadella talked about how Copilot can now translate between different coding languages. He also brought up the GitHub Copilot feature that allows to translate code snippets into English, noting the training use cases that this capability enables.

“One top AI developer says 80% of his code is written by Copilot. This is a real game changer as far as having Copilot. Take someone’s skills and really automate them so they can spend their time better.”

he said.

Autoencoding platforms have entered the mainstream since the release of GitHub Copilot last year. Capilot shows that developers really need a solution that will reduce the amount of code they have to write manually. The programming will continue to advance, spurred by innovation by tech giants and startups alike.

Satya Nadella also states that the best AI researchers are using Microsoft tools to create the next generation of intelligent software.

“Visual Studio Code is pretty much the number one tool chain for anybody who does anything related to software. GitHub is where all the innovation happens today. It’s the largest repository of open source development happening there, and of course everything that is happening in Power Apps”,

he stated.

Satya also said that Microsoft is at the forefront of empowering developers and there are a number of facts to prove it.

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