It is never superfluous to learn one more programming language and a brand new one at that. It’s much more than just another learning experience and is quite likely to open up new possibilities for you. Learning a new programming language can help hone your problem-solving skills, expand your job opportunities, and gain a better understanding of technology in general. And although newer programming languages are coming out every day, there are some that stand out and deserve their moment of fame. And why not more?

Summer is over, and after it comes the beautiful autumn – the season in which productivity and the desire to learn new things increase. And what’s better than learning new, previously unknown programming languages that would be of great use to you?

In this article, we will introduce you to the top 5 new programming languages that are very useful to learn this month, presented by Analytics Insight.

Top 5 New Programming Languages to Learn This Month

Mojo Lang
Mojo Lang, the new programming language designed as a superset of Python. Just when we thought things couldn’t shake up the tech industry anymore, welcome the new programming language that has been designed as a superset of the Python programming language.

Pony is a garbage-collected, type-safe language that supports actor models and references with no data races. In pony, the data is identified as, immutable, changeable or isolated by a programmer with reference capabilities.

PureScript is a completely functional programming language that can be translated into JavaScript. PureScript, which is most similar to Haskell, is ideal for developing web applications and server-side software. The use of pattern matching, algebraic data types, and type classes are all Haskell-like features.

Dart is a C-like language developed by Google that adds type safety to the JavaScript syntax. Dart is simple to convert to other languages, such as Java for Android, JavaScript, native machine code, or a standalone Dart virtual machine. It may also serve as a back-end processor. Dart is good at creating event-driven user interfaces and the hot reload command in dart makes changes made by developers immediately visible.

F# is a platform-independent and open-source programming language that combines general-purpose and functional programming languages. Many software developers prefer using F# due to its simplicity to learn Python while providing a smoother experience than programming languages like C# and Java.

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